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Harbari Gani - The primary goal of the PAFM’s Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) of North America is to galvanize and organize the Black/African communities in North America
around our PAFM mission of bringing the United African States into political existence, in This Decade of the 2020s.


The population served by the RCC-North America consists of 47.8 million African people living in the United States, the overwhelming majority of whom are descendants of enslaved Africans (1619-1865), and 1.2 million people of African ancestry living in Canada. These numbers include a significant number of African continental immigrants
with contacts to family members in their home countries that will be important in referendum phase of the PAFM’s campaign.


Taken as a whole, if the African people in North America were a sovereign state, it would be the 8th most populous African State on Earth (in between Kenya #7 and Uganda #9). The mission of the RCC-North
America is to mobilize the African population in North America in support of the PAFM campaign to bring United African States into political existence. We see the re-emergence of Africa as a World Power, with 1.4 billion African people, as the most effective road to self-determination, uplift and positive change for African people living outside and inside the African continent.


The RCC-North America has a 50 State and 10 Province mobilization strategy in the United States and Canada, respectively, that focuses on the 67 cities in North America that have the largest presence of African
people. Our goal is to establish as many State, Provincial and Local Coordinating Committees in these areas as possible, in preparation for the First Pan African Federalist Congress in December 2023.  Prominent supporters of the PAFM-North America include, but are not limited to, Dr. Julius Garvey (Son of Marcus Garvey), Malaak Shabazz (Daughter of Malcolm X) and acclaimed Pan African Scholar, Dr. Leonard Jeffries Jr. The primary leadership of the RCC-North America consists of Baba Mwalimu Kwasi-Quayaja AMSATA (Coordinator); Brother Cliff Kuumba (Deputy Coordinator); and Mama Nobantu Ankoana (Secretary-General).

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